View Full Version : Low latency head phone monitoring ideas?

Roger Stauss
05-29-2015, 03:08 AM

I'm looking for suggestions on routing sub mixes and single tracks to a headphone matrix using Aux sends...with little or no latency coming back to the artists mic. When "Low Latency Monitoring" is enabled, Aux sends are inactive.

Pt 10HD, Native, Mac OS, 24gigs Ram, Artist Mix console,

Thank you for the advice.

05-29-2015, 05:11 AM
How about routing track outputs to multiple places instead of using aux sends?

05-29-2015, 09:00 AM
Turn LLM off and set your buffer to 64. That has worked for me for several years. While tracking, keep any high-latency plugins inactive. Here's my scenario:
Session template for bands has around 32 tracks including:
Click track
Fullly mic'd(10 tracks) drum kit(with buss compression and a room reverb on AUX trx)
Bass DI(with an AUX running IK Amplitube SVX)
Piano(stereo instrument track with MiniGrand or PianoTech VI)
Organ(stereo instrument track with DB-33)
Keys(stereo audio from Motif es8)
Acoustic(2 audio trx plus aux trk with reverb)
Electric gtr(4 audio tracks plus aux trk with reverb)
5 vocal tracks(scratch, lead vox and 3 BGV's)
Vocal reverb
3 tracks for my "auto" talkback
In all this, there are a dozen EQ III plugins, BF76(bass, acc, and all vocals), SMACK!(all vocals), channel strip(all drums), The Glue(drum bus comp), 3x IK Classik reverbs, Sparkverb and Dverb(acc and electric guitars). I also have Slate VTM and JJP Drum plugins in place but inactive.
Every track has 5 AUX sends feeding 5 sets of stereo outputs from the interfaces, to my headphone amp so 5 players all get separate mixes.

Because of how PT handles sends, I don't solo to audition anything during tracking(it screws with the headphone mixes). My solution for that; I have a pre-fade send on every track(all muted) and it feeds another set of outputs that go to my monitor switcher(Presonus Central station). If I need to "solo" something during tracking, I select that feed to my monitors and Ctrl-click the send on any track to listen(without messing with the headphone feeds at all). This may sound convoluted, but its actually rather elegant and functional:o

If your computer can't handle your tracking needs at the 64 buffer, I'd say its time for a more powerful computer:eek::rolleyes: