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01-19-2014, 01:53 PM
Hey friends,

Long time member here but I am trying to start getting back into recording/playing again. I hope to have much I can offer in the future on here but was hoping to start off by getting what I am sure is an easy fix. haha. I just purchased the Big Bundle from Redwirez and although I can make sense of the IRs and the way they have been saved, I cannot find where/how I am supposed to open mixIR2 in pro tools. I don't see it as a plugin component, etc anywhere and am quite confused. Any help with this would be great. Once again I am sorry to be that guy that just wants help and hasn't really contributed much yet.


01-19-2014, 02:31 PM
Redwirez works great in PT10 and even PT11! Redwirez is now AAX 64 bit!

First, make certain you have the RTAS version installed. That's what you need for Pro Tools 10. For Pro Tools 11 you need the AAX 64 bit version.

I have a few videos about Redwirez on Youtube, but I'll link the one using PT11.


The easiest way to find any plugin, it to enable Catagory & Manufacturer and just look for the name of the company.

Try a Mono or Stereo Audio track, MixIR2 is in the OTHER catagory