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12-22-2013, 07:53 PM
Xform is "Audio suite" plugin
Which plugin I can use to control speed and pitch and elastic audio instead of Xform which I can put it in "insert" my FX TRACK and rout sone audio track to it?

Shifted Music
02-16-2014, 02:39 PM
there is a pitch plug in which wil control just that but for tempo based there is no plug in I know of.

There are some things in which you can manipulate the timing in a plug in... such as a rex file in transfuser, although i think the tempo variations are derivatives of the main tempo as it auto synchs... like 1/2 time double time.

or load the audio file in structure and trigger it but if it is laid out across the keyboard it will change in speed with each key. then you can use automation on pitch bend to sort of make it faster or play in as midi ascending or descending the keyboard.


maybe make a new session and create a modified version of the audio in there using a smooth tempo change line in either direction with elastic audio engaged... or

Hmmm Ill have to think about it some more.

You can of course with Elastic audio do smooth tempo changes in the session it self but it will effect all tracks...

UNless you switch the track you don't want to follow the tempo change to time based instead of tick based. . then only have the one you want to modulate tempo on set to tick based and then write a tempo change operation to the section you want... would take some futzing around to get the end of the tempo change to go back into the rest of the song if thats what your are trying to do for a music type thing but it can happen... just put a new tempo mark where the stuff you wanted to keep in line was and leave it at tick based and only modulate or change the tempo on the bars or sections before. . if you make the top and tail with a tempo marker then the only thing that will change is the middle where you modulate.

HHHMMMM that last one sounds interesting kinda just thought that one up but i may try it for fun someday, in a music context..

02-20-2014, 05:27 AM
I'll chip in and say none as far as I know.

I had almost exactly the same query and my research let me to Waves SoundShifter for automated pitch manipulation.

I control Elastic capabilities from the Elastic Track menus

And for tempo I just split the regions and quantise them accordingly.

Not ideal for fast turnarounds but it can do the trick, to an extend.

Melodyne can do the trick as well. Give it a try if you haven't already.

What are you trying to achieve?