View Full Version : Import Session Data and conductor tracks (tempo maps)

George DAWs
10-31-2013, 06:05 PM
Hello folks, I have a somewhat tedious problem that I was wondering whether anyone might be able to help with?

I'm setting up a system for use playing back live backing tracks.
I'd like to keep each individual song in its own session and then use Import Session Data to add the songs together into a long timeline containing all the songs required for a show.

(I'm working from a pool of over 100 songs!)

Most songs have tempo changes and/or time signature changes.
Obviously, when I import session data including tempo changes, the old tempo information in the conductor track is overwritten.

If the new song begins after the end of the current 'set', this can be got around by putting the current tempo info onto the clipboard and then copying it back into place after importing.

(If the song is not after all the 'current' songs, things get messy very quickly, with things getting pushed off the grid and seemingly no way of managing the tempo map with the clipboard method).

In order to make this method work, I'd need to have all my individual sessions set up so the first bar of the song is way out at the end of the timeline. Once I import a song and get the conductor track sorted out, I can cut and paste the song out of the wilderness 'safe zone' up at the end of the timeline and bring it down to sit with the others.

This is all pretty clunky though and has enough convoluted steps to make it prone to human error.

If anyone has actually read this far, can you think of any elegant solutions to this problem?

Digital Performer has has its "Chunks" feature for years and years now - and that makes all of this quite spectacularly simple and slick. I'm hoping someone knows of a way of making this simpler in Tools?

11-08-2013, 02:14 AM
I was just about to post a similar question. It's a pitty that you can't append a new session with a new tempo track.:confused: I have been around DP8 and it works fine but in many other aspects I prefer PT 11.:o