View Full Version : Native Instrument Komplete Comp Freeze workaround

07-16-2013, 04:32 AM
Hi folks,

As many of you know the NI Kore Player in Komplete, along with Battery and FM7 can be glitchy and freezes the computer, leading to a hard reboot to get the computer going.

The problems comes from the drivers with the Digidesign/Avid hardware. In my case it was 002.

I downloaded the Asio4all driver to run PT from my on-board sound card.

Opened up Protools, set my playback engine to use the ASIO4ALL driver, did what I had to with the Komplete plug-ins then printed it to a new track and made the other track inactive (this means I could still access the MIDI data later).

Boom, no more problems.

Note: make sure that the "Ignore errors during playback" function is DESELECTED or you may not be able to playback (the Stop button flashes blue along with the play button).

I hope this helps some of you. Unfortunately, this is only a workaround for PT9 and above as before you require the avid hardware.

07-16-2013, 05:30 AM
Thanks for posting this.

I gave up on Kore/Kore Player because the system lockup bug was so severe that I couldn't risk data corruption/disk damage.

(For those unfamiliar with Kore, this was something that Native Instruments marketed as "infinitely expandable" and as the hub for all their products, only to then discontinue it while critical bugs remained.)

Prior to the discontinuation, I spent some time trying to get it working in Pro Tools 9. I tried with both an MBox2 interface/driver and RME Fireface/driver. In both cases, Kore could lock up the system, so unfortunately the problem doesn't seem to be specific to the Avid drivers.

It also seemed that "ignore errors on playback" DID need to be selected in order to make it work when instantiated -- however as you note it would then create problems with the transport.

I'm glad you have found a workaround on your system but I'd still suggest extreme caution when using Kore/Kore Player - sessions that appear to be fine when K/KP is instantiated can freeze when the same session is later reloaded.