View Full Version : Installers for TL Everyphase TDM and Synchronic V8.0 Mac PPC?

07-13-2013, 08:49 AM
Does anyone have the installers for TL Everyphase TDM and/or Synchronic, both version 8.0 for PPC PT8 Mac OS 10.5.8? I'm in the process of resuscitating an old system and for some reason I saved all the installers except these two. I can't find them on Avid's website. I haven't asked Avid yet, but I'm expecting the usual "support for these products was discontinued" line. I thought I'd see if anyone might be able to help me out here.

Thanks in advance,

07-13-2013, 11:49 AM
Found them through some third party sites. If anyone might need these let me know.