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06-05-2013, 07:42 PM
A few questions:

If I bought Velvet 1.0 brand new would I be able to run this in PT 10.3.5? I know the answer is probably obvious but is A.I.R/Inmusic planning to give free AAX updates to registered users? I would have to at least update to 1.0.3 to be able to run this in 10, right?

What if I purchased this second hand? Would any of this change?

Can Velvet be bought/used separately or would I need to upgrade to a Pro Tools Expansion Pack

What is the $50 update for:

This has me confused:

06-06-2013, 03:49 AM
I bought the initial release of Structure, which runs on either a G5 (PPC CPU) or Intel (Xeon CPU). Once I upgrade to the current version, it will no longer work on a G5. I assume the current version of Velvet will also lose G5 backwards compatibility. There was a post a while back when a "traveling" engineer could not use his current Velvet iLok license on a G5 equipped studio. No way to go back, so be sure your studios have the Intel CPUs.

In the case of Structure, the samples included also changed, although I believe the original samples (there was a limited collection of East-West orchestral samples included, along with an optional upgrade to Goliath, the disks of which were only available with the initial release) will still work in the current release.

Good question about the price of the promised AAX versions. Obviously, everyone would like to know whether there is any advantage to buying now . . . or waiting. Nobody likes to pay for the same thing twice.