View Full Version : Recovering Waves V5 ..broken iLok

05-20-2013, 10:08 AM
Hi all, I am running an older PT HD2 7.3.1 MAC PPC setup.
I had a failing iLok and managed to move all my licenses to a new one except my Waves V5 Masters Bundle and Native Power Pack, they were unmoveable according to iLok.com. And now the original iLok has broken..tip came off.

Any suggestions.

Don't have WUP any more so according to their website I am not entitled to tech response. Also the WLC doesnt go back that far. I could buy another iLok for $50 from iLok, but seems silly to have a separate ilok for just the Waves stuff.

Thanks in advance for your responses


05-20-2013, 10:27 AM
You should probably contact Ilok about this.

They should be able to help you.

But first, you might try calling Waves Sales department. They may be able to make suggestions. They're not as evil as some people claim.