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07-09-2009, 03:03 PM
Over the past 3 months I noticed one of the faders is always off. Ill run the utility program and after about a 15 minutes of calibration it will go back in line with the others. Today, all of the faders were WAY off. Never seen anything like it. I went through the fader test and after about 20 minutes they are in line again.

I cant get Digi on the phone, was on hold for over 20 minutes, twice. Any recommendations? Unit is less than a year old.

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03-20-2012, 10:21 AM
My Fader #6 was physically aligning slightly higher than the rest and was not reaching its full value when all the way up.

I unscrewed the bottom plate from the C8, unplugged the connector that links the fader to the main board and replugged it. By reseating the connection, my fader works properly now, operating at its full range. I used a tiny flathead screwdriver to unseat the connection as it was very tight. I inserted it and gently twisted the tool to slowly pry apart the connection to avoid the force of removal by hand.

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PS: Avid, if this is an acceptable solution, please suggest it to future users with this common problem.