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michael c
04-06-2009, 10:52 AM
We have an original ProControl version 001. I remember when we bought this there was a wiring mistake on the original PC (later fixed) that affected how you had to wire up one of the D-sub cables. Digi, or anyone else, do you remember what that specifically was?

The reason I am asking is our PC has some intermittent issues that we might need to fix. In the meantime we may have to rent a PC and we need to know what that cable wiring issue was and also if you know what version/year it was fixed? Was this just a switch of Left and Right or was it a phase issue?

Thank you.

Delta Music Belgium
04-08-2009, 09:21 AM
I found this info at the Digidesign website:

For details on the correct pinouts please refer to these 2 updated ProControl Acrobat (PDF) Documents, based on your ProControl serial number:

Addendum to ProControl User's Guide pre June 2000 (Pre Serial Number NX01801) located at:

Addendum to ProControl User's Guide post June 2000 (Post Serial Number NX01801) located at:

Note that the PDF states serial number NX1801 when it should read NX01801.