View Full Version : Pro control help on LE 7.4

01-24-2009, 01:23 PM
Hello good friends - my first post.
I know this topic has been addressed a few times.

I am a producer/engineer starting on a mix for major label project from my home pre-production studio (budget limitations).

I currently have 7.4 on LE and just purchased A Pro Control with edit and fader pack.. I have been following posts saying this will work - but I do not have the 2 specific drivers to place in the controller folders as recommended. Can anyone help with these files
ProControl_M.bundle and ProControl.bundle in the proper folder
LE 7.4 does not have these files included. Will the same controller files from an HD system work in the LE folder? If anyone has 7.3 or older - you will have these files and I would like to see if someone will send them to me.
rockdrummerrob at Yahoo (.) com

Also - has anyone had success with the pro control on LE 8.0?

$4000 investment sitting in the box!