View Full Version : Some Stereo Sends Read "NoSend" But Work Fine?!!?!?

David Pye
04-27-2008, 07:13 AM
Hey all.
We use Aux sends to control headphone mixes within Protools. For some reason, on the last couple of sessions the Send from the Stereo Drum Kit Buss has ALWAYS read Nosend on our ProControl. But within Protools, it reads correctly ie. Phones 1, Phones 2.... etc. It works fine and controls the send level perfectly, but the display is confusing to say the least.

Just wondered if anyone else get this at the moment, any ideas why?

10-31-2008, 03:47 PM

Yes I've had the same problem a few times recently. I'm running the latest 7.4 service pack on SP. The ProControl says no send and the send control on the surface is in-operative. The send can still be controlled from the screen however and the level indicator on the ProContol continues to operate. The solution, I have found, is to re-load the session. Annoying.

Best Wishes