View Full Version : using venue with macbook or powerbook and expansion chassis

J.D. Andrew
07-20-2007, 08:38 PM
hi there. i'm planning on recording shows in a couple weeks, and just wondering if anyone has any luck using a macbook pro or a powerbook with an HD expansion chassis. i have a new digi expansion bay, as well as an older magma bay that a i want to hook up via the cardbus slot on the computer.

just want to see if anyone has used this setup and what kind of card they use for the laptop.


Sheldon Radford
07-24-2007, 11:50 AM
Hi JD,

Here are few comments from our compatability group:

Expresscard options (Macbook Pro) are not qualified as of yet.

Expansion|HD doesn't have a cardbus or express card connector

Powerbooks are qualified with the smaller Magma chassis:
4 Slot PCI (http://www.magma.com/products/pci/4 Slot PCI/index.html)
2 Slot PCI (http://www.magma.com/products/pci/2 Slot PCI/index.html)
1 Slot PCI (http://www.magma.com/products/pci/1 Slot PCI/index.html)

Any of those would be fine.