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Jon Martin
06-03-2007, 04:43 AM
How would you lay these inputs out on a D-Show?

1 Kick 52
2 Kick 91
3 Kick 52
4 Kick 91
5 SN top
6 SN bottom
7 Hat
8 Tom 1
9 Tom 2
10 Tom 3
11 SR OH
12 Ride
13 SL OH
14 808
15 Sequencer
16 Bass DI Clean
17 Bass DI Dirty
18 Bass Mic
19 SR GTR 1
20 SR GTR 2
21 SR GTR 3
22 SL GTR 1
23 SL GTR 2
24 SR Vocal
25 Center Vocal RF
26 SL Vocal
27 Drum Vocal
28 Center Vocal Spare
29 Drum Vocal Spare
+ Returns ( 4 stereo channels)

I would want "one button push" to get to all the Guitar channel pans, Sequencer pan and keep my $ Vocal channels on the top layer AND have my returns at hand without flipping though layers.

In a recent email conversation with Eddie Mapp (Ed, if you could please jump in here and explain..) he said:

"Since you can assign two channels to one fader using "make stereo" all of my main channels fit on the top layer. I work mainly off of the VCA section and then move any other important channels down to the third group of input faders (17-24) so they are easy to get to and that way I'm not flipping through pages to get to anything."

On "other" digital consoles I would put SN bottom, hat, OHs, bass mic, the spare vocal mics and a stereo verb (drums) on the second layer.

I'm ass/u/ming that Ch. 1-14 would be "make stereo" and you double tap the Select button to toggle?

06-03-2007, 06:58 AM
Send me your e-mail and I drop you something I put together based on your track list.


Jon Martin
06-04-2007, 01:28 PM
63 page views as of today and only ONE person has an opinion / suggestion about this???
(in a profession where EVERYONE seems to have an opinion!)

Dimitri, I couldn't get your file to unzip.

To clarify, this is for a "Big Rock Show", not studio or HOW.

SR= Stage Right
SL= Stage Left

Sheldon Radford
06-04-2007, 02:27 PM
Hey Jon,

Is this on D-Show Main/Sidecar combo or D-Show Profile? I'm assuming Main/Sidecar, which means there's some added flexibility because the two units can be banked separate from each other.

If so, will the Sidecar be to the left or right of the Main unit?

Assuming the Sidecar is to the left, here's what I came up with:

--- Sidecar Bank A ---
1 Kick 52
2 Kick 91
3 Kick 52
4 Kick 91
5 SN top
6 Hat
7 OH (combine into stereo? If not, bump one of the bass channels to bank B)
8 Bass DI Clean
9 Bass DI Dirty
10 Bass Mic
11 Sequencer
12 SR GTR 1
13 SR GTR 2
14 SR GTR 3
15 SL GTR 1
16 SL GTR 2

--- Main Bank A ---
17 SR Vocal
18 Center Vocal RF
19 SL Vocal
20 Drum Vocal
21 Return 1 stereo
22 Return 2 stereo
23 Return 3 stereo
24 Return 4 stereo

--- Sidecar Bank B ---
25 SN bottom
26 Tom 1
27 Tom 2
28 Tom 3
29 Ride
30 808

--- Main Bank B ---
42 Center Vocal Spare
44 Drum Vocal Spare

Notes on this config:
- rather than use FX returns, create four stereo channels on the Main unit, bank A. This lets you bring the returns up on the same layer as the vox.
- cool trick: to quickly swap to the spare mic use a snapshot that re-patches the spare mic's physical stage input to the primary channel. In case of emergency, simply recall the snapshot to do the crosspatch - any changes you made during the show to the primary mic (eq, fx send) immediately carry over to the spare channel.


Scott Fahy
06-04-2007, 02:46 PM
Hey I was busy with a show. Once I see your answers to Sheldon's questions I'll give you a nice layout and even suggested plug ins too

Don't want you to look bad on the Venue.

Jon Martin
06-04-2007, 02:52 PM
Sheldon, I'm ass/u/ming that it will be a Main/Sidecar setup. I haven't spoke with anyone on the production end (Showco) yet and the headline's FOH dood is in Europe right now.
I just fired off a couple of emails to get some answers.

I'm not sure if his preference is Sidecar right or left.

The tour starts July 20th.

Jon Martin
06-04-2007, 02:58 PM
Don't want you to look bad on the Venue.

Scoot, I look good no matter what console I'm behind. ...just kidding..

Thanks for your help.

Sheldon Radford
06-04-2007, 03:12 PM
Cool. Check out the suggested patch added to my previous message. If the Main/Sidecar end up swapped it might need some minor massaging...


Scott Fahy
06-04-2007, 07:29 PM
Not sure I can add anything to Sheldon's layout, seems pretty logical and easy to get around on. My suggestions would be to set up subgroups (in addition to your normal VCA layout), so you can insert plug ins. I use IMPACT and Phoenix Lustre/Gold on the subgroups. I use the Pultec EQ1P on the mains-- It really warms up the system we have but may or may not work for you.


06-05-2007, 03:34 AM

Sorry I tried to reply the other day but was in the middle of European festivals and the hotel in Nantes France doesnt believe in internet connection.

With my current input list I'm able to make 16 channels into stereo channels which allows me to have everything on the top layer. For Family Values I'm pretty sure the Venue console that we'll be carrying will have one sidecar on the lefthand side of the main control surface so Sheldon's layout will work fine.

I mainly work off of the VCA's and put the other 4 channels that I need independant control over during the show on channels 21-24, this way I never have to leave my mix position (on chair in front of fan) during the show. For your guitar channel pans you could route them to a subgroup and pan from there, or setup a snapshot to pan back and forth. I use snapshots to control panning during the intro of the set to make things a little more exaggerated at the start of the show, and then just before the first song I switch everything back to it's normal position.

Give me a shout if there are any specific plugins that you want for the tour let me know and I'll try to make sure they're there.