View Full Version : Log and Capture audio Live?

11-06-2006, 06:53 AM
We're using Reflectmedia and a Ultimatte DV. Since the ultimatte DV only captures either S-Video and output Firewire, we have no audio. Therefore, when the receiver of the wireless mic is connected to Digidesign M Box 2, I can hear it on the speaker. However, I canít seem to log and capture the audio in on Final Cut Pro HD. Is there a way to log and capture the audio using a wireless mic?
I setup the Capture setting to use the MBox2 instead of the internal audi, or DV Firewire.

FCP sees the DigiDesign interface in the capture setting. I think that DigiDesign limits the abliliy to record from FCP. However, if FCP is actually recongnizing the interface, why couldn't I use it to capture audio from usb (MBOX2)while video from another firewire source, Ultimatte DV.

The problem here is, I'm attempting to "Log and Capture" the Ultimatte DV (whick only processes video and not audio), through firewire while I capture audio through another source.

Thanks for all your effort
I'm using:
MAC OS X G5, Version 10.4.8, Processor 4 X 2.5 GHz, Power PC G5, Memory 2GB DDR2. 5DRAM, MAC HD
FCP 5.0.4
ProTools LE 6.8.1
DigiDesign MBox2
Mic, Sennheiser Sk 100 G2
receiver Sennheiser Ew 100 G2