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11-18-2005, 04:13 AM
As we know, to download a digidelivery, you should click on dgd-link (or manully paste it in "open access url" dialog), then choose a location to save and that's it. As for me, it'll be more easier to choose _default_ location for downloading delivereis, and after that all i need is to click on dgd-link. That's all. All my deliveries go to the same place, so i'll save my time, by not doing the same procedure on every delivery. And it's esier to sort them after all deliveries downloaded...Another side is, that on Mac client remembers the last choosed directory. But on Windows i've to choose it _every_ time.
Another implementation - to pass location for downloading via command-line. But default directory with only one click is preferrable.

Gordon Lyon
12-22-2005, 05:54 PM
The next version of the XP client will remember the last location selected.

Thanks, Gordon