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11-02-2005, 08:33 AM
I work in a studio which is driven to music production as this is the demand from our client base. We are lucky enough to also have a venue at the other end of the building and have the control room hooked up to this for the purpose of recording shows. On a tuesday evening this venue is now being hired by a theatre group and this is where I need some advice.

I would like to be able to record the show for them on a night when they are rehearsing in the hope of getting them interested in recording their performances for radio, or any other audio media. I have never done this sort of thing before, I've worked on musicals with radio mics, but this will be straight drama/comedy sketches. Can someone give me advice on how using a minimal mic set up I could record a performance that will happen on a stage that is 6.1 metres wide by 4.8 metres deep and 2.5 metres high.

The mics that will be available will be simple, a couple of PZMs, couple of 414s, 2 KM 184s, 2 Rhode NT2s,2 AKG 414s. I will be looking to create an accurate and clear to hear representation of what is going on on that stage without the actors being aware of microphones, well not in the sense of everyone has to make sure that he/she has to have the right mic when they go on.
Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated.

11-02-2005, 08:50 AM
Start with just the PZMs on the edge of the stage, go from there. It might just surprise you.