View Full Version : MIDI Input in PT with Rewire?

10-25-2005, 04:36 PM
I am mental and didn't even realize there was a MIDI specific forum area and will repost this thread there

Is it possible to bring MIDI into a PT track when rewired with Reason or Live?

There is one reference to it in the answerbase but it is from 2003. Here it is:

How do I record automation from my Rewire application into Pro Tools?

In Pro Tools, enable Pro Tools virtual MIDI inputs (MIDI>Input Devices - make sure Pro Tools Input 1-4 are checked), then create a MIDI track and select one of the virtual MIDI inputs on the input tab, making sure to select the correct channel. Then in your Rewire application, route MIDI data into Pro Tools via the virtual MIDI input bus. You will then be able to record MIDI data, including automation, from your Rewire application.

Currently, only Abletons' Live supports the Pro Tools virtual MIDI inputs. If you are using Reason you will need to use a 3rd party virtual MIDI application. Pete Yandells' MIDI Patchbay works well and is available at:http://pete.yandell.com

Maybe it's an older PT thing but I don't see any virtual MIDI inputs to check in the Input Devices menu. Plus, the freeware they mention is Mac only I believe.

I realize that I can export/import the MIDI info but I would like to be able to tweak as I go instead of being locked in. Thanks for any help provided!