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08-06-2005, 09:36 AM

I am a Sound Designer / Production Mixer and I have just finished working on a film shot on 35mm in India.

The film is meant to be edited in the US and hence the telecine is done in NTSC so as to enable the editor to edit in 24p NTSC on the Media Composer - Film Option.

For the Location Sound tapes I have recorded them to my Protools with the Timecode in Bombay, India. (India is predominantly a country that follows the PAL standard).

Thereafter I have exported from my Protools 5.1.3 the OMF of these audio files at 24 fps.

I have checked the validity of the files by importing this OMF into a 24p PAL, 35mm project on an Avid Film Composer in Bombay. It Conforms to the content on my Protools.

My question is - will the the same OMF at 24 fps import (with the same time stamps) onto the AVID Film Composer in the US under the 24p NTSC, 35mm option?


08-10-2005, 03:43 PM
i can see no reason why the audio would not conform to a US editor's work.

The audio does not have to be viewed on a PAL or NTSC monitor, therefore as long as your bit/sample rates remain the same you should be able to preserve the time stamps. Since both Avids are set at 24p all is well.

08-10-2005, 05:36 PM

take a look at the postings in post & surround about his question (he posted his question in 3 forums, like buckshot). in traditional 24-NTSC telecine, they slow the picture down by .1%. therefore, you need to alter the speed of your audio. this audio is pulled down through the printmaster process and pulled up at the lab. if he failed to account for this, and the dub stage where he printmastered was locked to NTSC BB, then, the MOD would still be pulled up at the lab and his audio would be out of sync at the film print. a very nasty and expensive situation.

you would be right in the case where the telecine was done on a second=a second basis, not a frame= a frame as above. he needs to know how the picture was converted from 24-29.97.