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07-14-2005, 10:48 AM
Hi, so I don't quite understand how to bus vox to add effects. Here's what i know so far...

I recorded my main vox line on a mono track. I then Bus it to an Auxilary Track where I've added the effect inserts. I control the level with the Bus Send Volume. Here's where i get stuck. I can here the reverb on the Auxilary, but Auxilary tracks don't bounce to disk right? So now where do i send it to? Back to the original track, but then it would be all reverb i think...

Any help on how this is done correctly? So I can keep my reverb on one track and buss other tracks to it.


07-14-2005, 11:24 AM
If you can hear the reverb, you don't need to do anything but bounce.

From the reference guide regarding bounce to disk:

When you bounce a track to disk, the bounced
mix includes the following:
Audible Tracks All audible tracks that are routed
to the output which is selected as the source of
the bounce are included in the bounce. Any
muted tracks are not included in the bounce. If
you solo one or more tracks, only the soloed
tracks are included in the bounced mix.
Automation All read-enabled automation is
played back and incorporated in the bounced
Inserts and Sends All active inserts, including
real-time plug-ins and hardware inserts, are applied
to the bounced mix.
Selection or Track Length If you make a selection
in a track, the bounced mix will be the
length of the selection. If there is no selection in
any track, the bounce will be the length of the
longest audible track in the session.
Time Stamp Information Bounced material is automatically
time stamped so that you can drag it
into a track and place it at the same location as
the original material. For more information
about time stamping, see “Time Stamping” on
page 630.
Bounced Files Are “Delay-Compensated”
Pro Tools compensates for any bus delays due to
a bounce. This means that if a bounce file is imported
back into a session, and placed directly in
time against the source mix, it is time-aligned
with the original source mix.

07-14-2005, 11:45 AM
great thanks!