View Full Version : Digi 002 with control surface and live recording

Mark Staples
07-05-2005, 06:58 PM
Has anyone tried to use the DIGI 002 with the integrated control surface for live recording and FOH mixing at the same time?

I was thinking about buying one for small coffee house type recordings (4-6 channels), but am concerned about latency. My concern about latency is during the performance. Is it noticeable when the singer sings that the mouth is moving and the sound is slightly off (like a badly produced B-movie)?

Along the same thread, is this a good solution? Is there a better one or equally as good, but cheaper for me?

I'm wanting to provide a monitoring system for the artists, FOH speakers, moderate reverb for performance (not recording), and recording in order to produce a "live album."

Since I'm already using Protools, this seemed to be a logical solution.

I don't believe that I can use in standalone mode to a hard drive, but will need a laptop for recording to a hard drive, is this true?

Any better ideas?

Thanks for any advice you can provide me...

07-06-2005, 07:48 PM
To record while performing live, you would need a computer. Latency should not be a huge problem if your computer is powerful enough to run at 128 on the buffer setting. Keep a few things in mind here. First, your session is going to be as long as your set plus extra for the time it takes to start it and finish it. These long sessions are a royal pain to mix/bounce. With a hoss computer, you would be able to use plugins(very cool) but!!! if your computer glitches, your show is over so I highly recommend a decent UPS (APC 800va at $120) for the 002 and computer. If 8 inputs is enough, it could work okay. If you are thinking of shooting for 16 inputs, I would be pretty nervous about commiting my live mix to this setup, but it may work fine. Best advice-get the UPS and rehearse the daylights out of it to make sure it works. And don't forget-8 tracks of audio times 50 minutes sets will eat up some drive space. Or go get a new Behringer mixer for live(they're cheap, clean, quiet and the effects sound pretty darn good).

07-07-2005, 09:42 AM
Mark -
Absolutely, you can use the digi002 as the mixer for a PA system while recording, but not in standalone mode.
Latency will be an easily dealt with issue (I've got mine set very low with no complaints so far), and as long as you stay within the parameters of the compatibility pages, you'll be fine for a coffeehouse recording...up to 18 tracks in. Don't forget a big, fast, external audio-only drive, and to go easy on the plug-ins.
The FOH mix is what I would listen to in the studio, and that leaves me w/ another bunch of outputs for stage monitors mixed on auxes. I've never done more than 3 mixes for the stage. Just realize that the settings you save from the recording may not be suitable for mixdown in a control room.
The UPS is not just a great idea, it's a neccessity...you'll be a hero if the power ever fails, and you managed to not lose the performance.
Good Luck!!!