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  19. Are the moderators of this forum in Britain or the USA?
  20. .sib .soc files don't open
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  23. Bass-clef turns to treble-clef in Piano score
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  26. Can Scorch sync with other iPads?
  27. Scorch doesn't work with Safari 5.1. Confirmed by Sibelius!
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  45. pd and iPad
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  48. avid scorch for Ipad in the UK itunes store?
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  62. No More Support?? No More Development??
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  64. Add Covers to Imported Sheets?
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  66. System Configuration for Pro Tools 10.3 update
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  68. Scores won't download
  69. Score purchased in app store cannot be played
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  72. Will there be any future update?
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  75. Mbox 2 & MacBook Pro Retina
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  77. Is anyone from Avid monitoring this forum?
  78. Clearly Avid have our money and are no longer interested in us!
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  96. Scorch Store is empty
  97. Scorch 1.2 on iPad 2 (OS 8.0.1) closes
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  99. Any chance of an iPhone version?
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  104. new user. how to change emphasis
  105. Metronome tempo faulty avid scorch.
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  107. IPad won't open .SOC files
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  109. Still problems with slowing down tempo to practice
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  111. Problems with iOS 9.1 - Multitasking
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