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  1. Windows support
  2. Eucon -> Protools
  3. Copy, cut & paste in the softkeys editor please!
  4. MC transport
  5. USB to Ethernet Adapter with Euphonix mcmix
  6. Why so many cables???
  8. AvidTech can you answer some questions?
  9. MC Control -> mkII?
  10. Mc Control V2
  11. Digi/PTLE doesn't "see" MC Control/Mix
  12. IP Address issues
  13. Mc mix not powering up :(
  14. MC control v2 - Protools
  15. adding Soft Keys?
  16. Mounting units together...
  17. Investing in a full Euphonix MC Rig
  18. locking on startup -MC control_logic9
  19. Connector Piece replacement
  20. EuCon Support
  21. No manual for Mc Mix /Pro Tools
  22. 2.5.5
  23. Sending Midi continuous controllers messages (cc)
  24. Getting there (the MC units have arrived)
  25. 5.1 Panning with MC Control v2
  26. MC Mix fader calibration
  27. NEW PRODUCT request--thoughts?
  28. Need some assistance here...
  29. MC Transport colours...
  30. New MC Mix ?
  31. what ethernet switch are you using for multiple MC units on a Mac
  32. MC Mix's randomly switching to insert view?
  33. out with Control 24, in with MC control, mix, transport desk mod
  34. Using UAD 2 With Euphonix
  35. MC Control Horiz Vert zoom not working
  36. Where are sends F-J on the MC Control for PT HD8 fader flip???
  37. Malfuntion of the MC Mix...
  38. MC Transport
  39. MC Control not showing proper inserts
  40. Feature wish for EuCon PT
  41. Trackinput support for track input ?
  42. Thinking about a desk for your Euphonix MC? SEE THIS!
  43. Plug in Control with MC Control
  44. Hardware VI controller-MC Encoder
  45. Preview/capture Automation MC Control
  46. Euphonix MC Control / EuControl - 3 challenges
  47. Firmware update...
  48. MC Control and MIx with Propellerheads Record??
  49. 3 EUControl bugs + 1 crash bug OS X 10.6.4 Intel
  50. Tactile control.....
  51. "Eucontrol quit unexpectedly" i get this all day??
  52. MC Control v2 Input on Pro Tools LE
  53. Euphonix Support-Flickering Display on MCControl
  54. Artist Series and Studio Monitor Express
  55. Improvements
  56. Euphonix Artist Series Price Increase
  57. Transfer of Ownership on EuCon
  58. Meters for the Artist series ?
  59. PC Support...long rumored...when?
  60. EuCon vs MIDI 1.0
  61. Surround panner for Euphonix MC Mix?
  62. ExMackieControl not responding
  63. Are they accelerating ?
  64. Plugin Focus - is it possible on MC Mix?
  65. Any ETA on an update...?
  66. permanently assigned?
  67. Offline bouncing Logic with MC Mix
  68. Plugin not updated to selected channel - Logic/MC Mix
  69. A few questions about plugin bypassing, remapping and more
  70. PT9 Eucon..... details??
  71. Euphonix website down. I sooo want to download EuControl_v2.5.6.dmg
  72. DTS: Will the new more open avid open up Eucon?
  73. Change Q in EQIII and more with Mc Control + Pro Tools 9
  74. Master Faders and MC Control in PT9
  75. PTHD9 Eucon Surround Works!!!!
  76. Is Plugin Mapping available ?
  77. mc mix question
  78. questionable quality of Euphonix Artist Series?
  79. Studio Monitor Express and PT9HD
  80. Fader Direct Assign
  81. Need Some Help/Clarification
  82. Digirack EQIII 7 band maps weird to MC Control
  83. MC Control touch screen misreads coords of press
  84. Can't get 2.5.6. to work :-(
  85. What has changed now that PT9 is Eucon??
  86. PT9 and MCControl v1?
  87. edit/mix window follows bank selection Eucon/PT9?
  88. Artist Eucon On PC...Definitive Answer?
  89. Zeeman
  90. Mc Mix & Mc Control v2 compatibility.
  91. Can't Punch In with MC Control Pro Tools 9
  92. Is MC Control compatible with PT9
  93. Definitive Answer: Artist Eucon DOES NOT Run On PC's
  94. Lets Put All Our Artist Series Eucon PT9 Woes/Bugs In One Place
  95. Went back to 2.5.5
  96. Cubase 5.5.2 And EuCon 2.5.6
  97. Control Room Level
  98. MC Mix noisey power supply
  99. Pro Tools 9 Euphonix problem controlling Sony/Sonnox EQ with eucon protocol
  100. Lost Automation Modes Soft Keys in 2.5.6
  101. Soft Keys and right-click menus
  102. Alert - EuCon 2.5.6 is only for Pro Tools 9 and EuCon
  103. Router disabling wi fi on Macbook Pro with Mc Mix/Control?
  104. Digi002 + MC Mix
  105. Euphonix Artist Series 20% off at audiomidi.com
  106. Feature request
  107. Question about mc mix
  108. Bug with 2.5.6 using 2 McMix??
  109. Plugin parameters pages over multiple MC mixes?
  110. EuCon 2.5.6 with non-PT DAW?
  111. Is it worth it? (mc control and mix)
  112. Does Aux to Faders Work On Mc Control?
  113. how can I access 2nd, 3rd, etc. EQ on MC Control?
  114. Artist Series - How well does it control plugins
  115. Edit and Mix window scrolling when banking?
  116. Ultrabeat help
  117. Artist Series On PC With HUI Only?
  118. PT 9 - Shuttle/Jog Functionality on MC Control
  119. New Artist series serial numbers too long?
  120. CSCooper MCS Series vs EU Artist Series?
  121. MC Control vs MC Control v2
  122. Automation Controls on Artists Series
  123. MC Control v2 noisy faders / Euphonix support
  124. Cant get Pro Tools to find MC Control
  125. MC Transport TRIM END resolution
  126. MC Mix with ProTools 9
  127. Installation failed!!
  128. What Furniture For Artist Series?
  129. Search site
  130. Eucon control over M-Audio Profire DSP Mixer/Focusrite DSP Mixer?
  131. Can I lock a fader similar to ICON Focus Channel?
  132. feature request: Micpre control through mc mix
  133. MC Control Solo feature
  134. DTS: No 'Q' adjustments on EQ3 w/MC Control
  135. Easier way to assign layouts in EuControl
  136. Controllers wont connect in PT
  137. 2 MC Mix's 1 MC Control and Reason
  138. Euphonix MC Control and Quickeys app
  139. MC Control's prefereences transfered to another computer
  140. "My Euphonix" support does not work
  141. DTS: Can't register my MC Control v2 on euphonix site
  142. Any update coming!?
  143. Protools 9 Plugin Control
  144. Looking for a used MC Mix on ebay. What to keep in mind?
  145. EuControl PC /
  146. Motor Noise
  147. Control surface vs mouse???
  148. Mix/edit window
  149. Mix/edit window
  150. question about oled parameters
  151. MC transport shuttle strangeness
  152. MC Mix and Pro Tools 8 Not Connecting
  153. MC Control linear encoders behaviour
  154. control plugin parameters and sends with faders on MC Control
  155. Share smart User settings...
  156. Control of DigiDesign PRE
  157. [FR] - fader re-assigning and eucontrol improvements
  158. MC mix fader doesn't respond to touch
  159. Saving Setups in EuControl
  160. MC Control & 2 MC Mix's loosing connection to PT9
  161. Pro Tools 9.0.1 (including EUCON QuickPunch Fix)
  162. control digipre´s gain...
  163. Eucontrol: Eject button missing for soft keys
  164. wheel command: Assignable knob ??
  165. Motorized Faders
  166. No track assignments to hidden tracks!
  167. Fader noise with MC Mix
  168. Windows 7 drivers for artist series!!!!!
  169. Can there be more than one Attentioned Track?
  170. MC Mix in Hui Mode on PT9
  171. Fader knobs flying all over the place...
  172. Vegas mode?
  173. MCMIX help
  174. MC Mix editing plugins - question
  175. What about precise Grid and Nudge Values?
  176. PC EuCon adapter not showing in Cubase 5.5.2
  177. PC Eucon Workstation 2.5.7 not seen by Mac
  178. Difference between MC Control v1 and v2
  179. Eucon Ipad App!
  180. Numbering the units...
  181. Macro for inserting a certain plugin...
  182. [PC] MC Control do not see Windows as an APP
  183. Artist Series vs C|24
  184. Studio monitor express PC version?
  185. Studio Monitor Express with Pro Tools 9|HD
  186. MC Control Ethernet port issue
  187. download speed
  188. Artist Line - Pro gear or Toy?
  189. Eucon Crashing PT
  190. Documentation for Surround Panner on MC Mix
  191. controller personality "EUCON" incompatible
  192. Graphic issue on MC Mix channel 7
  193. A Couple Af "Problems" With MC Control...
  194. Artist series & Win 7 admin
  195. Flip Faders on MC Control
  196. MC Control and Axiom 61 Pro. Compatible?
  197. Connect MC Mix direct to Mac under Bootcamp
  198. MC Control accessing RTAS\TDM plugins
  199. Did somebody upgrade MC Mix firmware?
  200. MC Control Not working in Pro Tools M-Powered 8 Under HUI
  201. USB-Ethernet adapter
  202. Please Help Me In Removing My MC Color's Stands...
  203. Anyone had their MC Control display fail?
  204. is there "delay compensation" for writing automation via faders??
  205. Glitch with pan controls with MC Mix
  206. How to have Quick controls on Mc mix from cubase 6 ?
  207. Studio Monitor Express won't run in background
  208. MC Control, Not a Keeper
  209. Firmware issues on MC Control?
  210. All about the MC Control?
  211. Mc Control..Fader banks on mix page
  212. Can MC Transport have multiple soft key pages?
  213. MC MIX PC: Bonjour/Input Director conflict
  214. My Mac and PC can Share MC Control!
  215. Pan window in 5.1 feature request...
  216. Memory leak with EuControl on Win7 x64
  217. Feature Request, enable trim automation
  218. Faders Bang Down Hard
  219. MC Mix Editing PT Plugins
  220. 2.5.7 for OSX up for download...
  221. MC Control follow selected track?
  222. Control VSTi parameters?
  223. one MC mix sometimes won't connect
  224. MC Control of Amplitube!
  225. Shuttle mode for PT9 LE with MC Transport or MC Control
  226. Add another MC Mix or MC Control?
  227. EuCon 2.5.7 now available
  228. Make sure your firmware is up to date!
  229. Could Parallells on Mac bring problem?
  230. Euphonix MC Control with Eleven Rack (11R)
  231. iWeb closes EuCon...
  232. 2.5.7 users ??
  233. Possible to get drivers without avid account??
  234. Windows7 64 Bit - Where is the Euphonix Icon to change modes
  235. Anyone running 64bit with MC Control or Mix? Connection keeps getting lost
  236. Artist series discontinued?
  237. Does anyone have a MC Control v2 with no screen flicker?
  238. MC Control and MC Mix lose focus
  239. Mc Control Plugin mapping
  240. Problem with Windows 7 64 bit / Nuendo 32 bit / EuControl 2.5.7
  241. Touch to select on MC mix, does control touch screen follow?
  242. MC Control always disconnecting, no sync, offline
  243. I really love my Artist Mix but...
  244. Unleash the power of our Artist Series, sysex, Mackie and MIDI
  245. Horrible concept of culture....
  246. Trying out an MC Control... questions for the experts
  247. PT Crash when more than one fader is moved at a time.
  248. Jog/Scrub - Transport Question
  249. Euphonix artist series
  250. MC Mix Display Channel Name changes to level