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  1. midi duration and placement
  2. How to make a "grid" out of a drum track to beat detective a tambourine to.
  3. Recording drums and dummy guitar track?
  4. I Have a Dream
  5. HELP with punching in guitar takes.
  6. Want To be Featured on My Pro Tools Website?
  7. Plugin Specified As Track/Aux Insert Only
  8. Recommendation for a good PT11 reference guide?
  9. Stretch audio
  10. Auxing
  11. Mono to Stereo - Signal Loss ?
  12. Making a drum track fit the grid?
  13. From Creation to Final Mix - Tutorial & Session Files
  14. Re:female voice to male
  15. Free Tutorial - Recording Levels in Pro Tools
  16. Free Tutorial - Pre-Mixing Vocals with Clip Gain
  17. Tempo Mapping & Beat Inspector; Retardando Timing
  18. remote operation of PT
  19. Paying to have drums aligned perfectly
  20. I/O Woes (Session Interchange content)
  21. Continuous recording and saving?
  22. MIDI editing midi merging multiple tracks.
  23. Align song to Pro Tools Grid Video- Tab to Transients
  24. Installing third party plugins in Pro Tools
  25. Why I feel PT11HD has less bass than PT10HD?
  26. Recommend a shock-proof case for laptop / Macbook pro?
  27. M-Audio as a DAC?
  28. VCA Fader Question with Pro Tools 11- Help!
  29. Duplicating (advance) question
  30. Bounce/Bus recording under External mode?
  31. Fixing phrases or words volume on the fly?
  32. Finding the perfect technique to punch in vocals!
  33. Adding multiple video clips in Pro tools
  34. Error Message MSVCR80.dll
  35. How To Re- Scan Plugins Pro Tools 11?
  36. Please Help
  37. Copy/pasting plugin parameters
  38. Group Edits on Shows Tracks Applied
  39. Everything Audio Live Event
  40. PT10 Mix/Edit custom shrtcut toggle not working
  41. Nudge audio within region key command (without numeric keypad)
  42. How do I fade plug-ins in and out?
  43. How do I prepare levels for mastering?
  44. Acoustic Guitar Miking
  45. Record Ready Mode
  46. How do u make it sound like separate acoustic rhythm performance from each speaker? W
  47. Using a Headphone symbol "☊" for Headphone tracks
  48. How to Remove Effects
  49. Delay compensation Problem when tracking
  50. What to do with vocal tracks
  51. Solo an aux fx track PT11
  52. Tab to transient/Beat Detective question
  53. Free Video - How to get perfect levels using automation
  54. How to Compress 2 tracks at once OR combine tracks
  55. Saving song as data file for mastering
  56. Making Effects
  57. Region trick
  58. Control Plug-In Parameters with a MIDI control surface
  59. Track Recording
  60. OSX 10.10 dock & multi monitors trick
  61. Vocal Chain Tricks
  62. Recording with Zildjian Gen 16's
  63. Thanks Bob Olhsson
  64. will 44khz change the playback speed in a 48khz project?
  65. What´s that effect??
  66. StereoMonoizer - Session prep and file conversion tool
  67. Tips for getting a good latin jazz horn section from Structure
  68. Routing Advice Please - Hardware into DAW
  69. channel view of Plugin
  70. Pro Tools Panning Question 3 Tracks to Aux to Main Buss
  71. mixing help plzzzz
  72. Get Started Fast with Pro Tools — New Tutorial Series
  73. Studio Monitors Position
  74. What would be the best way to do this automation...
  75. pro tools panning question
  76. Invalid Fades
  77. Never Touch the Faders???
  78. Metering Classic vs Sample Peak
  79. Oh no: not another thread on dither!!!
  80. Soundminer troubles.
  81. Reverb reduces volume of vocal
  82. Rap/Hip-hop/R&BVocals that pierce the listeners skin
  83. Trick to Getting Smart Tool Back
  84. Updated Pro Tools Wallpapers...
  85. Best Fit For Economic Studio Monitors
  86. Mutt Lange "1 guitar string-at-a-time" recording?
  87. Modifier key to move clip without overlap?
  88. Basic Mixing
  89. Getting this kick drum sound ?
  90. Glyn Johns drum method for big drum sound within PT?
  91. Let Pro Tools set system sample rate
  92. Faux Time Line Cache without HD
  93. Quick Arrangement
  94. Help with a delay and gate! How do I...
  95. Can I use PT to change one guitar chord?
  96. Simple Drum Machine instead of Click
  97. Exporting from Reason to Pro Tools + Copying Plugins
  98. Reference Mixes
  99. Possible to Punch Record WITHOUT headphones?
  100. Using Vocal Rider to automate Pro Tools channel faders [Video 02:03]
  101. Help with 'old-school' Tangerine Dream sound???
  102. Stacking Vocals and Timing question
  103. Basic Synthesis and Envelope
  104. Bypass Channel Plugins
  105. Drum programming in PT Tab to Transients / Drum editing question/ audio and midi sync
  106. EQ Matching tip
  107. Playback web audio and record it in PT at the same time?
  108. Marker shortcut >9
  109. Matching sampled drums volume to live drums? any automated way to generate automation
  110. Manipulating the echoes of a sound/loop
  111. How to run vst plugins in PT10
  112. Low latency head phone monitoring ideas?
  113. Click II modification
  114. Creating Patterns & Assigning to Keys
  115. Why do compressors have such a short attack by default?
  116. First time recording drums in protools?
  117. ilok help... PLEASE!!!!
  118. Sub Mix and Effect Channels
  119. Getting MIDI data from Pro Tools session file
  120. Task Manager , "Obtain folder contents" , "Expanding Tree" ???
  121. Taking out clicks and pops
  122. Automation by section without HD
  123. .PIO for PT 11
  124. Frequency of a digital click
  125. best way to work with outboard compressor
  126. Controller for Pro Tools 8 M Powered 8.0.5
  127. Hear yourself while recording?
  128. Axiom Air 49 vs Axiom Pro 49
  129. extending selection
  130. Fastest way to get LUFS
  131. Can you make a muted track automatically unmute only when you solo it?
  132. finding tempos
  133. Unable to hear myself when recording
  134. Tips for recording VI in near finished session.
  135. How do you make your guitar fat and wide sounding?
  136. Confused Drum Kit
  137. To Pan or not?
  138. drum samples
  139. Enhancing off-axis dialog for film/tv
  140. A 3rd mic
  141. Saving as
  142. Mixing in 5.1
  143. Double Tracking Guitars: Mono or Stereo?
  144. burning a 1 instrument or vocal line to c.d. in protools for listening
  145. Script to auto-swap fades?
  146. Burning a simple unmixed track to c.d. in protools 11
  147. How to protect VCA solo when in X-Or Mode
  148. What gear (or chain) makes this sound?
  149. How to record a FULL RANGE guitar sound?
  150. Just a question - making your tracks into one
  151. Favorite/best trackball mouse? Mine's not side scrolling the edit window >:(
  152. Can PT utilize mouse "tiltwheels"? 4-way scrollwheels that go left<->right too?
  153. Drum Miking
  154. How to grey out a track
  155. An introduction to VCA's (Video)
  156. Favorite wired Windows 5+ button MOUSE with scrollwheel lol?
  157. Help exporting single midi clip from multitrack
  158. Workaround for C6
  159. Guitar recording perfectionism
  160. Meter View Options Questions
  161. What are your favorite plug-ins for vocals?
  162. What is your suggestion for order of effects?
  163. How do I do lead vocals?
  164. Specifying Length of Track in Time
  165. PT 12 Track Presets
  166. Small Levels
  167. Getting session data from session files
  168. "add meter changes" shorcut ?
  169. Common Reverb Preset for pop vocals
  170. PLAYLIST FOR MIDI: question
  171. Standard for Color Coding Tracks?
  172. Assigning multiple tracks to a bus
  173. HELP NEEDED! Multiple region edits at once?
  174. Mixing Hip Hip : Need advice (In particular for kick drums)
  175. User-Default plugin presets a huge time saver.
  176. Mixing in Surround and Dolby Atmos
  177. Easy Commit with Boom with 12.3
  178. cant get enough volume out of rode NT1A when trying to record acoustic guitar
  179. What is good Workflow ?
  180. Transport Window Shortcut > Start Time
  181. Saving Workspace Presets
  182. Editing MIDI across multiple copies
  183. Fade Out Multiple Adjoining Clips
  184. Change Track View "vol" or Pan parameter only on selected Tracks
  185. How do I get rid of this mark in my timeline?
  186. Male octet choir recording - need advice
  187. Trying to tell what effects are on this singer's voice?
  188. Time adjust on MIDI
  189. Shortkey to show up the pan pot
  190. Shift+L
  191. Keyboard Maestro Help
  192. Suggestions on panning in a mix
  193. M32 for I/O and 003 as control surface
  194. Using a footswitch on a Behringer BCF2000 for Quick Punch
  195. Coalesce Vol to Clip Gain, Waveform different when zoomed in/out
  196. Does ANYONE actually use the rectified waveform view?
  197. Need help to configure Keniston Trackball with protools
  198. Problems with iLok2 in a USB 3 port
  199. Pre-Fader-Send and Pre-Plug-In routing
  200. How to expand a plugins category in columns rather than in one single roll
  201. ADAT use with Pro Tools
  202. Any free programs of sounds?
  203. Boucing Tracks Question
  204. Pro Tools AAE-9173 Error with Antelope Zen Studio
  205. XY and Stereo Mic routing Question
  206. Bat file script to delete Pro Tools preferences on Windows 7
  207. XPand2! and Nexus 2 presets
  208. What's the best way to get an orchestra in the mix?
  209. Mics PT12 configuration tips:
  210. Grouping sends
  211. Things i love about ProTools...
  212. Blending FX using Pan on a Stereo Send to 2 Mono Busses/Aux Tracks
  213. Midi out?
  214. Changing tempos, meters in Pro Tools
  215. Aux Pre/Post Fade shortcut
  216. Solo and playlists
  217. Spotting audio - Work Flow
  218. Best Practices for Waves Vocal Rider in PT12 HD
  219. session copy question
  220. Elastic Audio on distorted guitars
  221. Dynamic Transport Youtube Tutorial
  222. Digi 002 slave to Ampex AG-440 with PPS-2
  223. Edit grid triplet/dotted key commands.
  224. pitch shift whole song
  225. Solo and unmute with one mouse click?
  226. Saving Work
  227. DUC error when posting to sticky thread
  228. Re-assigning pitch bend wheel?
  229. Miscellaneous tips
  230. Please how to obtain statistics (peak, loudness, etc.) of a clip in Pro Tools?
  231. Name your Sessions and Tracks
  232. Beat Detective: Region Conform "Strength" "Exclude Within" Settings ?
  233. monitor management
  234. Small workflow problem in listen-mounting
  235. AVmo audiosuite suffix
  236. Mastering Extremely Dynamic Tracks
  237. Desperately Looking for a Tip
  238. Alternative Method Mounting A Mic Reflexion Filter
  239. Music for post webinar - NO SOUND in second video.
  240. Need a advice...
  241. Ways to change VO when switching between different characters??
  242. Change region, but keep all automation?
  243. Which Parallel Compression plug-in do you prefer?
  244. Center channel low (out of phase mix)?
  245. Best way to make an impulse response from a reverb?
  246. Does Digi Sync I/O work with Protools on Imac
  247. Quick audio doubling for Pro Tools Users
  248. Pitch and time software for vocal production or ADR/Dialogue
  249. Music to 5.1
  250. Using a Reference Bus in Pro Tools