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  1. Connecting two Computers to one interface?
  2. Templates for Tracks w/ Plugins
  3. Bouncing to disk 60 minute track- Pro tools quitting
  4. Hard disk speed...
  5. Lining a song up with EZ Drummer VI
  6. Parallel Processing
  7. Anybody use MXL mics here?
  8. Slow Startup with Microsoft Security Fix
  9. Needing a few recording GURUs
  10. PT Express 10.3.4 update, get it now while it's hot! ;)
  11. unclear on the concept
  12. Any latency in wireless Key Board/Mouse vs Wired?
  13. Busing.... Yes... a totally noob question.
  14. Hardwares // Softwares to use for live sound rendering/recording.
  15. Help me to open up.
  16. Mastering with one fell swoop
  17. Big gang/crowd vocals
  18. Consolidated Equalizing
  19. Strange behavior
  20. Bouncing Multiple AUX tracks
  21. best way to exchange audio files with another person/session
  22. Speaker hissing? Try ground lifts
  23. Mixer Windows
  24. iLok Error? Help
  25. Audio track editing problem. PLEASE HELP!
  26. Possible to "brighten" vox by recording to slightly slowed bed tracks?
  27. Pro Tools AudioSuite to File Non-Destructive
  28. Mastering for Female Narration/Voiceover
  29. Can I create multi layer effect as one audio file?
  30. Echo Effect / Delay.
  31. Zero latency
  32. Using a ZOOM R8/16/24 to control PT 10 ??
  33. mouse, trackpad or what else to optimal control for PT ?
  34. Headphones both Instudio Talent // Critical Listening.
  35. Multitrack Drum-recording / Tracking
  36. Sharing quantized tracks
  37. Gobbler workflow...?
  38. Big HUGE fat (wide) meters
  39. Creating a more natural tempo
  40. Setting up Default Plug-ins for AudioSuite and Inserts
  41. Track Presets in Pro Tools 10
  42. VCA vs Aux
  43. Tapping in beat markers?
  44. Getting a Certain Vocal Effect
  45. Two Files "L" and "R" when bouncing to disk?
  46. Other techniques when Beat Detective doesn't work
  47. Best way to achieve a "transformer" effect on vocals?
  48. Plug in questions...
  49. Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4 Mac
  50. Tip for making mock-up of Symphonies exported from Sibleius 7
  51. Plugin for Fireman with oxygen mask
  52. help me!
  53. Hip Hop/ Rap Voice recording
  54. Help!!! My ilok broke, what do I do?
  55. Automation for Plugins on one channel
  56. Is there a trick to cut unwanted noise automatically
  57. Need your opinions on first mix/master
  58. Metadata coming from Avid edit system
  59. Pen tool greyed out when zoomed in
  60. Importing audio without copying?
  61. External Numeric Keypad and Shortcuts
  62. Pro Tools dubstep/electronic tips and tricks please :)
  63. i7 Build for Pro Tools 11
  64. Latenza con Pro Tools HD 9
  65. The Best Mix in the History of Rock and Roll (using commercial songs as a guide)
  66. Controlling real time plugin parameters with external knobs
  67. Would someone be kind enough to convert this PTX to PTF for me asap?
  68. How to fix mix with levels jumping between sections
  69. Processing the modern lead vocal
  70. Mixing: Individual tracks vs FX Sends/Busses/Etc.
  71. How does PT compare to other DAW'ss for electronic music production?
  72. Tightening Bass Lines
  73. Imported Midi Files...Aux Track...I/O's
  74. The "T" word
  75. Tempo Problems driving me crazy
  76. Does someone have a song I could mix.
  77. Demo: route from PT to board and back into PT
  78. Using Vocal Tuners
  79. Two Purple Pro Tools Icons Or!
  80. Score Editor Cut and Paste.
  81. Parallel Compression, & Sends
  82. classical music editing in pro tools
  83. Key Command to toggle menu
  84. Daft punk robot voices
  85. Multiple Outputs
  86. Hint!: Set a long post-roll time to avoid annoying playback stops!
  87. S/PDIF on keys
  88. Calibrating the Monitors and the room - Pink Noise Octaves?
  89. help on changing voice in pro tools
  90. Ableton Live - controller causes PTHD10 to crash!
  91. Organising PT and folder?
  92. Panning options
  93. Any good voice changers/maskers?
  94. Opinions on ssd
  95. Dynamic Transport is your friend. Use it!!
  96. Split snake options...
  97. Delay due to plugins??
  98. Clip Gain is your friend
  99. Adding Chord Symbols to Score
  100. Is there any sound degradation when turning down a master fader?
  101. Reverb On Multiple Instruments
  103. Mastering in Pro Tools Express
  104. Help & tips recording a jazz/blues lead vox
  105. Native Instrument Komplete Comp Freeze workaround
  106. Fear and Loathing in Pro Tools
  107. Asking for tips to Eliminate Monitor Distortion
  108. Pro Tools 9 for dummies?
  109. Eleven Rack With Another Interface & Pro Tools 11 Trick
  110. Modified project in Media Composer
  111. Echo becomes more of a reverb, in certain parts of vocals
  112. Using Air Stereo Width
  113. record / mix clean electric guitar
  114. Setting of 'Edit Window Default Length'
  115. Trying to use outboard gear to treat using reverb?!? Aarrgghh!
  116. Baby grand mic technique
  117. The mix sucks onced bounced.
  118. Splitting Stereo to Mono with Playlists
  119. Setting levels for VI (engineering question)
  120. Electric Guitar with Focusrite 8i6
  121. Midi Key Bindings in Pro tools 10 - 11
  122. Locating the time location of a region in its parent?
  123. Sample rates between synth and PT
  124. Make your own Mid Side Processor!!
  125. Mixing Rap/R&B Vocals
  126. duplicating a plugin
  127. Setting of shortcut 'E'
  128. Need help getting in-touch with a composer. Idk if this is the right area to post?
  129. Back up solutions?
  130. Advice on voiceover manipulation
  131. Help...Recording spoken words
  132. Aphex 230 equals what Pro Tools Plugins?
  133. Using "Target Notes Via MIDI" with Pro Tools 10
  134. Using a second computer just to run plugs?
  135. soloing a track in headphone mix?
  136. A way to mute a track while un-muting another track w one click?
  137. New 003 rig
  138. Reinstalling Soft Synths
  139. Reverb settings
  140. Male to female vocal effect?
  141. Is a used 2008/9 Mac Pro Quad Core a good investment?
  142. Different Pan automations
  143. Quickest/Most Efficient way of Bouncing Splits
  144. HELP! Can't rename regions. Pro Tools Neo Assertion error in line 694
  145. Solution for noisy imac fans
  146. Can't match tracks!!
  147. Tempo Resolution issue ??
  148. HELP! MBox Pro Users
  149. Squeezing ALL juice of A MacBook, 13" early 2009
  150. Pro Tools 11 Tips and Tricks - "Comping Vocals"
  151. Help Restoring Corrupted Recording
  152. Question on using Melodyne
  153. Buses Missing
  154. Clip wont mute.
  155. A Silly Question ... Go To Position - Key Command
  156. How are you using the track presets 'hack'?
  157. How to pan 'mono' track to 5 speakers?
  158. Track preset Hack questions
  159. Vocal Pitch Down
  160. Help with choosing a new interface- What is a word clock and what does it do?
  161. 8 hours of mixing in Pro Tools ... FREE!
  162. Stutter effect popping problem
  163. Stacking 15 guitar tracks - alignment help
  164. fast track ultra issue with sonar x2
  165. plugin like the AIR Filter?
  166. Correct path for PDF Files (Help) // Win 7
  167. tab to automation node?
  168. Mastering
  169. Multiple high-pass and compression or just one?
  170. Beat detective not quantizing properly PLEASE HELP.
  171. recording without a vocal booth help
  172. Bounce To Disk or Record To Track??? Audio quality...
  173. Music UPC barcodes
  174. Online music store
  175. Transitioning Lows to the Real World
  176. Nero Burning ROM 2014 to save MP3 tracks
  177. Solving a Codec Error when importing video
  178. Software to Encode ISRC codes to MP3 files?
  179. Splitting large sessions into smaller sessions
  180. stereo SNARE
  181. Frame rate question in PT10
  182. Aux shortcut?
  183. Selection lower track with down arrow.
  184. isolating vocals
  185. PT 10 | shortcut for selecting next/previous clip
  186. copy automation with ProTools 10
  187. Tube vs Solid State
  188. vocal stacking
  189. re: RX3 with avid interface
  190. Typing pan value?
  191. Multiple Hard drives
  192. Deleting unused files?
  193. Rookie suggestions for broadcast DSP
  194. Question about mic & acoustic guitar !
  195. Fast way to print Melodyne's Edits to Audio
  196. Auto talkback setup with stock plug-ins
  197. Number KeyPad for MBP
  198. Can I create a virtual harmony track using any of the bundled features of MPowered 8
  199. Import Session Data and conductor tracks (tempo maps)
  200. Use loop record with auto-created playlists a lot? This might help you.
  201. Delay & Pitch Shift
  202. Proper Recording Levels
  203. Using Reaper to Host VST VI's in Pro Tools
  204. Muffled Audio
  205. Melodyne and tempo changes in PT
  206. To control all the send level at the same time
  207. Making Reaper Look Like PT
  208. Changing email address for Avid account
  209. Drum compression help
  210. Help with elastic audio...
  211. Removing vocals
  212. alignment and phase for multiple kicks
  213. Transfer files from BLUE-RAY to MBP
  214. How can I compress before sending to a reverb aux?
  215. What's in YOUR studio…?
  216. Recording archtop guitar
  217. Quick punch can't work within a selection
  218. Does microsuede really reflect high frequencies?
  219. Deep and powerful and clean voice like sherlock
  220. Mixing Rock & Metal Tutorials - In Pro Tools
  221. Track Presets
  222. Increase speed gradually?
  223. What is the best Pro tools setup to communicate with an external voice processor.
  224. Noob question about mastering set up
  225. automation / grid key-command question
  226. turning looping on and off during playback?
  227. Apple wireless keyboard and trackpad - shortcut problems
  228. How to comp when the source was recorded with 3 mics
  229. Replacing MIDI sounds with samples or live drum kit
  230. Mixing in Reason vs Pro Tools Tips or thoughts
  231. recording electric guitar (Picking sounds)
  232. Cut at warp markers, is this possible
  233. Clip gain or Volume Automation for S's on Vicals
  234. Groove Template Workflow
  235. Need a Hot Key sequence that Pro Tools isn't allready using
  236. 003 Rack to Mackie ProFx16
  237. Using real hardware synth in a Pro Tools VI setup
  238. Importing audio files for remix - convert or set session to match source audio?
  239. How do you Test your mixes these days?
  240. Need some "tips & tricks" on running dual monitors
  241. Can I move my Reason Factory Soundbank to an external hard drive?
  242. Drag and drop
  243. Recording vocals and Guitar in Reason or Pro Tools
  244. Beat Detective - 32nd Note Values
  245. Work at 24bit 96KHz?
  246. How to deal with 3rd party interface record offsets. Explained by Dead Man Johnson...
  247. mbox 2 pro getting low like whining computer static noise
  248. Optimizing AudioSuite Workflow
  249. Plugin crashes with loud sharp "splash" sound
  250. What Settings are you using with HEAT?