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  1. Digidelivery..........Used it today, first time!
  2. DigiDelivery Wish List
  3. Odd Digidelivery behavior
  4. Is there a listing of digidelivery owners?
  5. DigiDelivery and PayPal?
  6. Serv LT - Managing Accounts
  7. MSRP and monthly costs?
  8. Version 2.0.2 software
  9. LT Pending Delivery Limits
  10. serv|GT MAC address
  11. Server-to-server relay questions!
  12. OS-9 issues
  13. Assigning a Name to The server instead of an IP
  14. Administraton rights with DigiDelivery
  15. Digidelivery hanging on 100%
  16. DigiDelivery in Prague
  17. Restore list of favorite servers
  18. DigiDelivery Warranty
  19. DigiDelivery Server Software 2.0,3 Update
  20. Feature request
  21. Digi 002 or Digi 002r?
  22. ik multimedia
  23. Setting up Digidelivery on my network
  24. Resending A Notice
  25. Can We do this?
  26. Receiving end doesn't get delivery notice
  27. Exepected transfer times
  28. I am looking for some collaboration?
  29. Installing Digidelivery behind my router
  30. Digidelivery automation
  31. Serious onging issues...
  32. Digidelivery For Post
  33. Upload time purchase decision
  34. Transfer Limit?
  35. Snats Generated in digidelivery
  36. Looked, what is the cost?
  37. Using Digidelivery for the first time
  38. Can you make it quiet? It's really loud!
  39. Dodgy Time Estimates
  40. 2.1 Client Software Now Available
  41. FeatReq: Shutdown after delivery
  42. Trying to avoid startup problems..
  43. My Digidelivery wont turn on!!
  44. Cat 5 or 6
  45. Can't access DD
  46. Firewall Question
  47. 2.1bld393 can't find audio files
  48. Digidelivery Failure (client)
  49. watermarks
  50. LT OR GT ?
  51. DigiDelivery 2.1 versus Network Home Directories
  52. Transfer success
  53. Believe it or not...Its too hard
  54. What does "File manager error -43" mean
  55. files stuck on my Digidelivery! I hate this thing
  56. setup issues
  57. Unable to delete local folders after download
  58. Digidelivery client stalling or failing
  59. Client Posts, Email Confirms, We See Nothing
  60. DigiDelivery Receiving Failure
  61. Avid compatibility
  62. Emails keep getting returned
  63. Boot to OS
  64. Probably a dumb question but...
  65. DigiDelivery Client switch accounts
  66. delivery interrupted overnight
  67. Delivery doesn't stop - and is never complete
  68. Tracking information
  69. Is the anyway to only downlaod selected files
  70. Digidelivery never sends the email
  71. Where is my delivery?
  72. What Digidelivery do you recommend?
  73. do dropped deliveries resume?
  74. Using gruops of emails when I'm sending dilivery.
  75. more thoughts on the need for a better log
  76. need more account settings
  77. more setup issues
  78. Studios charging outrageous rates for Digidelivery
  79. Port 25 Out?
  80. Need to speak with Digidelivery Tech before buying
  81. Administrative Request?
  82. Folder creation on deliveries
  83. noob question
  84. Recommended UPS for use with Digidelivery LT
  85. unresponsive server
  86. Gotta give props to Digidesign
  87. Want to "rent me" an account on a GT server?
  88. DigiDelivery Failing about 60% of the time
  89. Do I need a SSL certificate for my Digidelivery
  90. tracking Information ; Please Help
  91. I am looking for a Digidelivrery LT.....
  92. Please Dear Digi - We Need Mail Logging
  93. Yahoo mail and Digidelivery
  94. Link to DD recipients in Email
  95. Digidelivery + Hotmail
  96. Server Down
  97. 1 or 5 IP addresses
  98. Feature requests
  99. Administrative Settings
  100. UK date settings
  101. This system is Brilliant!
  102. can not connect to digidelivery!
  103. Suggestions for Improvements to DigiDelivery
  104. Can't log in to LAN2
  105. New problem with sending and receiving
  106. Mac vs PC Upload Times? *DELETED*
  107. upload times
  108. mac vs pc network issues
  109. Possible to swap the 500GB drive of DD-GT?
  110. Any rerstrictions when using server-housing service?
  111. When will the 16GB limitation be dropped?
  112. How efficient is the file compression?
  113. Email notification suddenly not working
  114. LAN1 or LAN2?
  115. Why is audio file a digi-wave? Problems, please help... *DELETED*
  116. DigiDelivery Client won't launch
  117. Aspera Acquires DigiDelivery (You're in good hands...)
  118. DigiDelivery Technical Support
  119. DD a dead product soon?
  120. New users not showing up under "accounts"
  122. Not a Universal App? Unstable on Leopard?
  123. WARNING-change hostname from localhost or risk email issues!
  124. Trouble installing - advice needed
  125. Delivery receives but still pending?
  126. Delivery settings question
  127. Access to Summary after the fact
  128. If a "DigiDelivery from xxx" notice is delayed three hours
  129. Hotmail still filtering e-mails
  130. session suggests audio would be distorted
  131. session suggests audio would be distorted
  132. Download starts over after client reaches 100%
  134. Xpand!.dat File Missing.
  135. Viewing OS versions
  136. Do you recommend DigiDelivery? Does it work well?
  137. Outage of DigiDelivery Central Server(s) planned for 2/29/08
  138. Client downloading simply stops
  139. DD client with ISA proxy
  140. Client Software not installing
  141. Feature req. in case it ever gets updated again the future
  142. maximum number of deliveries?
  143. Leopard´s e-mail client doesn´t show attached reports?
  144. Anyone taken the plunge? (V2.1.3)
  145. Load balancing router issue
  146. Please provide transfer figures
  147. 2.1.3 patch - highly recommended to install it
  148. Beta testers for improved network test function?
  149. DNS error in DD GT ?
  150. DD EOL??
  151. Note regarding "pinging" a DD server
  152. Should I get digidelivery
  153. Really Slow uploads
  154. "Send via digidelivery" from PT7.4cs6 does not work
  155. Server Patch 2.2.0 Now Available
  156. Digidesign Down. Digidelivery down
  157. Digidelivery stops on Booting to OS
  158. DD and USV
  159. Error message
  160. Apera- support and maintenance plans
  161. server not accepting new deliveries
  162. How to delete a batch of accounts?
  163. Looking for a few alpha/beta testers for an updated DD client...
  164. New Digi GT servers unable to create Standard accounts
  165. Server patch 2.2.1 now available
  166. New Support Plans?
  167. Some clarification from Aspera on our DigiDelivery support plans...
  168. Transition of DigiDelivery central site services scheduled for January 24-25, 2009
  169. Setting up a digidelivery account
  170. DigiDelivery central site transition scheduled for Friday, 1/23 6 PM PT (GMT - 8 hrs)
  171. ISP Blocks on Port 25
  172. Something has happened to my DD server
  173. Digidelivery and Server issue
  174. Please update any firewall rules permitting access to the DD central site
  175. Send email to all users?
  176. "Send via DD" weird under 7.4cs5
  177. Digidelivery Serv|LT
  178. Client wants to connect to unknown proxy
  179. yet again: uploads never finsh
  180. Problem with Serv/LT
  181. Send via DD not working
  182. DD Client: Email Address Cannot be Selected
  183. Trouble Setting up DDLT
  184. Warning: Current DD client will not work on Snow Leopard (without installing Rosetta)
  185. Digi Delivery Client not working with Win 7
  186. DigiDelivery LT will not power on (8/31/09)
  187. BIOS Post: 7F Msg: Disp Error
  188. Problem setting up ServLT
  189. Digidelivery slow with Leopard/8.0.1
  190. A couple of Digidelivery questions
  191. Delivery Expired
  192. Problem with Digidelivery client on one Mac
  193. Error under XP
  194. No Confirmation emails
  195. D/L Failure with DigiDelivery.....
  196. Proxy-server restictions
  197. digidelivery server webinterface question
  198. server - server relay
  199. Odd DD behavior with wireless DL
  200. Files transfered server-server relay still downloaded from remote server
  201. Digidelivery server LT won't Boot to OS
  202. Successfull notification but failed download
  203. Sending one delivery to several e-mail adresses- bug?
  204. Firmware Update ServLt from 2.1.1 to 2.2.1
  205. Need a power supply
  206. install wizard can't be launch
  207. Serv LT DNS
  208. Intermittent issue with receiving deliveries
  209. New ISP, now DD will upload but not download
  210. how to send without having server/LT
  211. Delivery e-mail delays
  212. Will Aspera stop DD central site after Dec.2011?
  213. Jonathan Philips here?
  214. Digidelivery!!!
  215. Does anyone know his dgd hardware version?
  216. eMail Spammed
  217. Not all this space will be available for deliveries?
  218. 16GB working?
  219. What comes after DD when 10.7 is out?
  220. Upgrade your DigiDelivery?
  221. Warning: DD client is not supported on OS X 10.7 Lion
  222. Digidelivery how do you do with Lion?
  223. Slow compared to Rumpus FTP?
  224. Replacement Jet Engines
  225. Alternative to Digidelivery?
  226. Digidelivery IP settings
  227. Issue with lots of files.
  228. Ethernet port #1 not working / lighting up
  229. Need to blow some steam,please understand
  230. Server LT ethernet ports dead?
  231. Of interest to current users?
  232. DigiDelivery client?
  233. DigiDeliver IP issues
  234. DigiDelivery/LT can it be used as a server alone