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  1. Pro Tools | Dock... Check out the Video from AES
  2. When is it dropping?
  3. The Dock plus Artist Mix
  4. Surround-Panning
  5. Dock with iPad mini
  6. flip fader
  7. The Dock is now shipping!
  8. There's A Surround Panner and It's Square!!
  9. Right-angle Lightning cable
  10. Dock iPad compatibility
  11. Advantages for S3 / Dock over Artist Series
  12. PT Dock, iPad app and Cubase ?
  13. Assigning a static ip to Dock
  14. Welcome to the Pro Tools | Dock forum
  15. Power & ethernet over 30-pin or Lightning Connector
  16. Windows 7?
  17. Kyle: Can we get Plugin Focus in the future?? (A Feature Even on the Old Command 8)
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  19. Got the dock today. Unboxing vid
  20. No Track Bank or Nudge ??
  21. Dock user tips - Help Appreciated
  22. Slate VMR & Pro Tools Dock
  23. Soft Knob Kinetics
  24. Soft Knob Assignability
  25. Anyone have pics of iPad mini and iPad Air side by side!
  26. Error , Eucon: The number of allowable hardware channels has been exceeded
  27. iPad Pro risers
  28. Automation knobs
  29. Automation Mode Workflow change (or preference)
  30. Works on a iPad 3
  31. Dock dosen t power down when switching down
  32. EQ Curve
  33. Pro Tools Dock with Pro Tools 12.5.1 vs 12.5.0
  34. Custom parameter to knob assignment
  35. Will it work without the iPad?
  36. iPad latency
  37. VCA Spill
  38. Pro Tools Dock Vegas or Test Mode
  39. New iPad dock bugs
  40. Get Started Fast with Pro Tools | S3, Dock, and Control
  41. EuControl Exits at end of Session
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  43. Dock and PT 11HD
  44. Kyle: Power Switch Suggestions
  45. Track Rename?
  46. Using other Programs with the Dock?
  47. Pro Tools | Dock vs. Digi 003 Console
  48. Skip the mouse and use Dock
  49. EuControl/Workstation 3.4.1 now available!
  50. Soft Keys gone after upgrade
  51. which Ipad for the Dock...
  52. shuttle and save BUG?
  53. Soft Keys
  54. Latch Shft Key
  55. Eucon crashes on boot when dock is ON.
  56. EUCON crashes when deleting tracks
  57. Jog Shuttle Intermittent function
  58. Support iPad Pro 12.9?
  59. EUCON constantly crashing
  60. Protools | Dock design issues
  61. Missing Q Parameter on Channel Strip Through Dock?
  62. For Kyle: Monitor / Control Room Knob
  63. Problem with transport on the dock!
  64. Suggestion: Users of S3&Dock together: dock fader becomes 5th VCA master fader
  65. Using the Wheel for navigation "Move Sel" !
  66. Best iPad for the dock?
  67. EuControl/Workstation 3.5 now available!
  68. Share your custom Soft Keys page!
  69. travel case for Dock?
  70. SOLVED - Dock Left Edit "Shift" greyed out
  71. What is eveyone using the touch strips for?
  72. question regarding Doc with Protools HD Automation
  73. EuControl Activation Code Invalid
  74. EuCon reliability since adding Dock
  75. Ipad mini Risers
  76. iPad Went Out
  77. Dock and Artist Mix next to each other picture
  78. Dock doesn't scroll the Score Editor
  79. Alt Button Functionality Bug
  80. Soft Keys with Source Talkback
  81. For Kyle: Touch Strip Responsiveness
  82. mixer, tracks, channel and soft key buttons
  83. add group to via fader
  84. Grp Spill
  85. Key Command Limitations
  86. Right Side Pan Control of Stereo Tracks
  87. For Kyle: Rename PAN box to GENERAL and Include Access to Clip Gain, L/R Pan + ...
  88. Fader off on Dock??
  89. Dock fader sucks!
  90. 6 Month Dock Review: Video link
  91. Hi, I'm the New Product Manager for Artist, S3, Dock and Control
  92. Dock Jog Wheel
  93. Application Switch - Mixer View BUG
  94. wheel to scrub on Logic
  95. Workflows with the AVID Pro Tools Dock - Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  96. iPad Non-Pro 9.7" 7th Gen
  97. Another tutorial.. Trim editing with the jog wheel in Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  98. Dock and Mavericks
  99. And another... Basic color corrections with the jog wheel in Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  100. EuControl v3.6 Now Available
  101. Wheel assignment not working
  102. Is The Dock really any better than the MC Control?
  103. Alt Button Still Glitchy with HD Native
  104. Can we get the Dock to bank the Artist Mix?
  105. 3rd party plugin control with Dock
  106. Will the Dock house the 12" iPad Pro?
  107. Dock changes mode on playback
  108. iPad Pro 10.5 and PT Dock
  109. Capture feedback light
  110. Dock and Nuendo
  111. Eucontrol v3.6.1 Now Avialable
  112. 10.5 iPad Pro support?
  113. Please tell me we can assign Q to soft knobs
  114. New Dock.... flakey right side buttons
  115. 16 Softkeys not active
  116. Do To Sel, All
  117. Appset
  118. Nothing Works
  119. New Dock owner
  120. Please add search function into Eucon command editor!
  121. Wheel and TouchStrip suddenly linked??
  122. How to copy user settings for Dock
  123. Eucon 'KEY' commands do not work
  124. PT Dock and XMON
  125. Automation mode buttons not working
  126. Dock with Artist Mix
  127. Channel Strip doesn't show settings
  128. Eddie why not customisable pots and buttons
  129. To Dock or not to Dock?
  130. Clip effects and dock
  131. How do I assign group mutes and solos to soft keys
  132. Dock possible with Protools 12.4
  133. Changing Session knocks Dock out
  134. Automation Mode Bug?
  135. Dock with Artist Control
  136. New dock solo button lower then mute button
  137. Dock goes unresponsive more and more often
  138. MoveSel button problems
  139. Still can't assign automation modes to softkey
  140. EUCON 3.7 crashes immediately!!!!!
  141. New Software Release EuControl Version 3.7.0
  142. Writing Automation Indicator
  143. Eucon 3.7 Review Video
  144. Error when Dock is switched on before windows boots
  145. Questions about Avid Dock
  146. Access Denied when replying?
  147. Dock strange behaviour
  148. Pro Tools 11 HD and Dock
  149. Using fader for send
  150. How to Lock the Fader
  151. Dock monitor control
  152. Can Dock and C/24 be used together?
  153. Soft Keys Go Unresponsive
  154. Track View Toggle selected track on Dock
  155. Wheel won't remember assignment
  156. Re-assign Main Menu Items?
  157. Assigning Multiple Tracks to a Group?
  158. Pro Tools 2018.1 Cleared my personal settings
  159. Editing & deleting memory locations
  160. Dock and Artist Transport
  161. how to linkage ipad the tracks with pro tools
  162. Pro Tools Dock "Clip" light the lower left corner is not bright
  163. PT Dock / MTRX Control
  164. Eddie when are we going to get an update for the dock?
  165. Purchasing Used Avid Pro tools dock/registration
  166. wrist rest?
  167. Eucon 2018.3 Problems - Monitoring Mute No Longer working
  168. New Software Release EuControl Version 18.3
  169. New knob responce for the Dock
  170. Dock Pre Fader Sends Color
  171. Zoom button broken in Nuendo
  172. Pan knob response not the same as others
  173. Eucon Crashing and unresponsive
  174. Sluggish response on buttons & jog wheel
  175. Eucon 18.3 other bugs
  176. EuCon with Digital Performer DP
  177. Input monitoring button in Dock
  178. Feature request for the dock in Logic
  179. Dock's fader - Mechanical noise
  180. Pro Tools Dock goes to sleep and wont wake up
  181. Dock + Control App semd midi CC
  182. 10.5" ipad pro
  183. Lock iPad to Workstation?
  184. Tracks view and Steinberg DAWs
  185. Dock Fader - Attention Problem
  186. Switching a Track to Send or Automation
  187. Mapping Pages view to touch buttons.
  188. Assign channels to dock mixer
  189. switching a channel to various automation modes messed up
  190. What kind of iPad do I need to run PT App?
  191. Media composer
  192. Monitor not following to selected track when selecting on Pro Tools Control
  193. Markers Question
  194. Which version of EuControl?
  195. Dock 12 Softkeys going to sleep
  196. Eucon 18.3 Unified Installer
  197. Avid says we have to use Ethernet, so it means using iPad's battery?
  198. Will iPad 2 work with the dock?
  199. Jog Wheel Not Working
  200. Control App with Dock Connection Question
  201. Pro Tools Dock deconnecting while using other App than PT
  202. What Dock Wheel Functions for Logic Pro X?
  203. New ipad pro-Dock
  204. How do I isolate a fader from the group without suspending groups?
  205. Why has insert (or pan) selection stopped following track selection?
  206. iPad Pro, Pro Tools Dock, ethernet connectivity issue?
  207. Can these buttons be customized?
  208. iPad requirements for PT App
  209. Adjusting Clipgain with jog wheel in PT 2018.12 causing Pt to crash
  210. Custom mapping plug in parameters
  211. Angled lightning cable for dock
  212. Attention/Selected Track not working on dock
  213. Ethernet and Power to Lightning Adapter available
  214. Can you take markers with the dock?