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  1. Pro Tools | S3 announcement
  2. Pro Tools | S3 Announced
  3. Why no Soft Keys on S3?
  4. Can EQ button access more than one EQ plugin on a channel?
  5. S3 with artist series?
  6. S3 disconnects when moving attached mouse
  7. Local i/o From S3
  8. 5 most missing features from S3
  9. Edit/Mix Window Follows Bank Selection
  10. S3 buttons do not work [SOLVED]
  11. S3 Live Webinar December 9th
  12. Problem with connecting S3 and PT11
  13. S3 12V board lights - not working
  14. Pro Tools | S3 Webinar Archive
  15. New S3L-X, S3 all lights blinking!
  16. Would love an S3 but not for $5k!
  17. S3 AVB not all Macs compatible
  18. S3 Clip Gain Control
  19. S3 AVB support for high sample rates
  20. Expandability and latency
  21. S3 optimum angle?
  22. S3 only compatible with Maverick OSX
  23. S3 Automation Keys are weird
  24. S3 is crashing ProTools
  25. Controlling EQ3
  26. S3 Fader stop working
  27. S3 + EUCON + Yosemite
  28. S3 only banks to last track of group Bug or "Feature"
  29. Control 24 Desk to S3 Conversion
  30. Controlling other DAW
  31. S3 Control Surface and AVB Interface ???
  32. No Parameter Feedback in 11.3.1
  33. Using S3's avb for mac os and hd native for protools
  34. Layout of the channel mode OLEDs
  35. S3 static IP address
  36. S3 newbie questions
  37. S3 MAJOR design flaw
  38. Can the S3 be used as HUI or Mackie Control
  39. S3 and Automation Snapshots
  40. "Speed" of rotary knobs
  41. Avid S3 - 2 or more
  42. S3 crasher
  43. My S3 simply doesn't work anymore with Eucon 3.2(.1) and PT 11.3
  44. S3 with Cubase?
  45. about s3 and logic pro x
  46. AVB Cards for Windows
  47. Reprogram S3 function buttons?
  48. Yosemite support is now available with EuControl 3.2.2 and Workstation 3.2.2!
  49. What does EuControl W/S do?
  50. click on track and Fader is on position 1
  51. Before I spent 5k,, need answers
  52. PT 10.3.10 and S3
  53. Questions/Problems. Please Help a New User!
  54. S3 AVB reliability
  55. Where to get Eucontrol 3.2.1?
  56. Did any component combination ever work properly with PT10 or Logic X?
  57. Assign Fader layouts to soft keys...?
  58. S3 + Pro Tools | Control
  59. EuControl crashes when plugging keyboard into USB port
  60. S3 firmware update 1.1.3, new bugs!!
  61. Mixer following S3 banking in Cubase???
  62. Attention Cubase/Nuendo users
  63. PT 12 crashing waiting for EuCon to become ready
  64. Pro Tools S3 in Post Mixing - Video Series
  65. The future of the S3...
  66. Number of tracks
  67. Video tutorials for S3?
  68. Apogee Maestro blinking when S3 is on
  69. S3 not reflecting automation correct for send mute?
  70. S3 Eucon 3.2.2 - SOLO bug
  71. EuControl 3.2.2 crashes on quit
  72. XMLs (Appsets) for Logic Pro X, Cubase, and Nuendo on Mac now available
  73. Soft Keys 9-16 not working.
  74. S3 send Panning in control strip
  75. S3 Fine Ctrl not working?
  76. S3 XML files for Cubase
  77. enable / disable TrackInput Monitor on S3
  78. What does the VCAI control knob do?
  79. S3: Cuebase vs ProTools options
  80. Cubase -Hidden tracks in mixer page showing on S3
  81. S3 EQ "Band In" keys don't update properly
  82. Quick Tips for Pro Tools | S3 Videos!
  83. S3 vs S6 faders?
  84. S3 Standalone Monitor Controller?
  85. S3 AVB interface LATENCY is a problem..
  86. Linking 2 S3 units together for 32 faders?
  87. S3 PT HD 10 compatibility?
  88. The Case of the Missing Level Meters
  89. [Nuendo] S3 volume control issues
  90. Avid S3 Controller
  91. Possible to use the S3 for midi CC ?
  92. Pro Tools S3 Studio in LA next week?
  93. "Select by Touch" blocks automation writing
  94. Can't register my S3, see# not recognized ?
  95. assigning Quick Control in Cubase on Avid S3
  96. Flip top encoders to faders
  97. Where to get support?
  98. Record Channel Monitor
  99. PT Control Tracks View & VCA Spill is now here!
  100. EuControl/Workstation 3.3 & Pro Tools | Control iPad app now available!
  101. Control of Midi CC
  102. No meters since Eucon 3.3 update
  103. Could anyone show me one Compatibility list of Ethernet cards?
  104. Icon type "Snapshots" on S3?
  105. FEATURE IDEAS: Make more use of the ribbon control
  106. S-3 vs D-Command
  107. FEATURE IDEA: Custom colour for soft key LED's
  108. Avid S3 suport plan clarification please.
  109. S3 question
  110. S3 track automation arming BUG- when will this be fixed please?
  111. Wierd edit/mix window banking
  112. S3 and El Capitan - no go
  113. EuControl/Workstation 3.3.1 and Pro Tools | Control v1.0.1 now available!
  114. No Eucon 3.3.1 in Avid Account
  115. Does S3 AVB work with HDX hardware?
  116. question about knobs
  117. Shift + control + click on track name doesn't bank on 1st fader?
  118. Where to recall layouts and custom soft keys?
  119. S3 and HD native
  120. Solo Clear not working on S3
  121. S-3 vs Slate MTI2
  122. EuCon hang / S3 won't come online
  123. S3 Power Supply Specs
  124. Trim Control not working
  125. Why are they plug in parameters on the S3 so inconsistent?
  126. Eucon - S3 - Mac
  127. Edit window jumps to track when using layout
  128. Can a pair of S3's be used for 32 faders?
  129. EuControl/Workstation 3.3.2 now available!
  130. Monitor volume control
  131. New S3 owner - a few questions and thoughts
  132. S3 not showing in Eucon surfaces
  133. Lock surfaces to Pro Tools?
  134. S3 resets and reconnect again
  135. S3 with Nuendo
  136. Eucon Softkeys Tech Talk
  137. S3 wins TEC Award
  138. Please vote this one up
  139. Bypass inserts then return to unbypassed state?
  140. S3 Show key not closing EuControl window
  141. S3 PC What is anyone using the inputs for?
  142. Top/Back button not closing plugin?
  143. BSOD caused by Eucon Driver
  144. Plugin control assignable to FADER
  145. FEATURE REQUEST: Let us customise Sel and Rec buttons
  146. Going from D-Command to S3 + Dock
  147. Why is there still no Auto Plugin Focus for Eucon Surfaces?
  148. S3 useless SEL button - possible workarounds?
  149. [Feature Request] Visual Automation Feedback
  150. EUControl
  151. Previous versions of Eucon
  152. Upgraded to PT 12.5 now automation buttons not working
  153. Eucon versions backwards compatible?
  154. Pro Tools Aggregate
  155. A few thoughts
  156. EuControl/Workstation 3.4 now available!
  157. Pan knobs for stereo sends are displayed backwards on S3
  158. IdeaScale Fix List
  159. PT does not follow S3 Banking when in VCA Master Mode
  160. S3 Display font size problem
  161. S3 Talkback
  162. Automation Indicator...
  163. automation mode glitch almost fixed in Eucon 3.4 ???
  164. Will it work ??
  165. Eucon 3.4 glitches
  166. bug report/feature request: banking vca spill members
  167. Simple Question - turn off fader level?
  168. S3 Utility mode not working
  169. Update to PT12.51 has sent Eucon loopy now unusable
  170. Link for S3 XML is dead
  171. S3 and Logic X tips and tricks
  172. S3 audio stopped working
  173. Get Started Fast with Pro Tools | S3, Dock, and Control
  174. New S3 Crashes computer when ethernet is plugged in [solved]
  175. S3 Solution for Multiple Users and XML-editing
  176. ATTN: KYLE_S3/ Eucon 3.4 BUGGY
  177. EuControl maxes out CPU / fans / etc in El Capitan
  178. Using S3 with Spanner in PTHD 12.5.1 Crashes Constantly
  179. Flip Individual Faders/Knobs
  180. EuControl/Workstation 3.4.1 now available!
  181. Workstations disappear after Eucon 3.4.1 update
  182. Flip mode problem
  183. Running an S3 and being hardwired to internet
  184. searching for a PCIe AVB Etherent Card for my Mac Pro
  185. S3 2 way communication question
  186. S3 Bank to end bug?
  187. Switching Layouts with S3 in Logic Pro X
  188. S3 download?
  189. Too odd to be a bug, or is it? S3 Eq3 7 band: toggling MF Q/MF Freq not showing visua
  190. S3 and Dock faders / AVB
  191. EuControl/Workstation 3.5 now available!
  192. Just got my S3, a few questions...
  193. Can the S3 give feedback from plugins?
  194. Plugins with good EUCON mapping
  195. S3 Auto-Talkback
  196. S3 and HDI/O
  197. S3 automation switches function
  198. HD Native/Omni and S3 - headphones?
  199. S3 not recognized in Eucontrol 3.5
  200. How can I use an S3 if it has no serial number on it?
  201. Inconsistent S3 to MacPro Connection
  202. Noisy Outputs 1 & 2
  203. Feature Request: Controller 'Layouts'
  204. Cubase 9: VCA tracks issue
  205. Tip: VCA spill single master mode without dock (hidden feature?)
  206. Conductor complains about S3 Encoders
  207. Where can I download older versions of Eucon?
  208. S3 bug: track exits trim mode after writing send automation in preview mode
  209. Latency S3
  210. Protools crash when selecting focus track
  211. Extreme nasty automation bug, related to bug reported over a year ago!
  212. S3 Fader Problem
  213. S3 Causing Issue with Cleanmymac 3 [solved]
  214. New Product Manager for Artist, S3, Dock and Control
  215. Can the S3 Talkback be improved in 3.6
  216. NAB Las Vegas
  217. S3 Causing EuControl Crash
  218. Blinking F7 causes metering LEDs to flicker
  219. New Avid S3 constant failing faders. ASC throws Visualforce error
  220. EuControl v3.6 Now Available
  221. Updated to Eucon 3.6 and lost all my custom Eucon commands
  222. WAVES V9.91 now has control mapping for S3 & S6
  223. S3 Automation feadback features
  224. PT | Control Connectivity Issues
  225. Dock Automation Buttons bug?
  226. Firmware Versions
  227. S3 Trim Automation Doesn't Show
  228. Adding a Dock
  229. Does the S3 have Fader Levels?
  230. write to commands often not working in preview when playing
  231. Avid S3 long SEL press to enable Trim an option for
  232. 5.1 monitor controller
  233. S3 Snapshots Like D-Command
  234. Eucontrol v3.6.1 Now Avialable
  235. S3 Eucon 3.5 issues with PT11
  236. Eucon 3.6.1 S3 LCD font oversized?
  237. eucontrol causing problems with mouse
  238. Shift Touch Fader in Flip mode problem.
  239. VCA spill nesting workflow
  240. scroll into view
  241. S3 and Max 7
  242. Faders Off not working
  243. bank with attached mouse or trackpad
  244. waves insert mapping got mirrored
  245. Memory Location Spill
  246. Cubase/Nuendo Issue: Incorrect fader values
  247. auto-bank to selected track
  248. Does the S3 have any Surround Features?
  249. Custom Bank question
  250. 2 S3s for a 32 channel Setup?